Dumb Angel und Praises

Dumb Angel, a cluster of veteran Saskatoon, SK music makers and inner-space explorers led by singer-songwriter Shaun Mason, will be releasing their highly anticipated fifth album Dumb Angel in November 2018. The group’s latest effort seamlessly combines the Nick Drake-inspired folk of their 2006 debut Ghost Dance with the shimmering full-band voyages recalling “Dennis Wilson jamming with Wish You Were Here-era Pink Floyd” of their previous album, 2015’s Broken Glass, all while finding Mason and company confidently venturing into uncharted lands and shaping something wholly and beguilingly other.


Praises is the inner monologue of Beliefs co-front Jesse Crowe. Within this project is the personal struggle, the quiet conversation, the love and the loss and the lessons that can’t live in the public forum of a full band. With influences from Nick Cave to Portishead, Praises pull from both a masculine and feminine struggle.

Praises have released two EP’s via Toronto record label, Hand Drawn Dracula (Beliefs, Dusted, Holy Fuck) and is set to release her first full length, titled In This Year: Ten of Swords in the fall of 2018. The LP was self recorded by Crowe, Co-produced and mixed by Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Caspar Skulls, Beliefs). Praises is currently travelling as a two piece in and are structured around string synth, guitar, piano in a live setting.